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Software Upgrades Portland

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Common Terms

Ver­sion Num­ber

The version number is assigned every time a change is made to the software. This helps the computer keep track of how the software works and what kind of instructions it can send.

Soft­ware Up­date

A software update is a minor release intended to fix problems with the original software

Soft­ware Up­grade

A software upgrade is a major release, intended on adding new features, as well as fixing holes.

New software is wonderful. It helps us get through our days faster and easier than ever before, and reduces those computer-related headaches that come with older, slower, and more clumsy programs.  While getting it is easy enough just head down to the Fry’s in Wilsonville or to some other local Portland store and pick it off the shelves. Now what? Installing or trying to upgrade your software isn’t as easy as going through the checkout with it. That’s where Nerds On Call comes in. We’re located conveniently right in Portland and are ready to help you get your new or upgraded software working just the way you want it to. Software developers spend a lot of time making sure the software you use stays current even after you’ve bought it. They tweak usability settings, improve security, and make the program generally run faster. Getting the newest version of this software isn’t always as straightforward as using the program is. Whether this program is a simple one like your web browser or your Office suite, or it’s a more complicated one like your operating system, known as your OS, Nerds On Call is equipped to guarantee your programs are operating as efficiently as they can be. In particular, your operating system is the most fundamental piece of software on your computer. Did you know even Windows can be made better by a simple software upgrade? Making the transition to a newer version if you’re on something like Windows Vista or XP can make your computer run faster and more efficiently than ever before! We recommend you upgrade to the newest version of your OS so that your computer runs at maximum capacity and our Nerds are more than capable enough to help you with that. So if you need assistance upgrading your computer’s software right here in Portland, don’t hesitate to use the chat below to contact us or to give us a call at 503-452-6112. Happy computing!

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