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Looking for something fun – or at least mildly amusing to do in Portland? Here’s one: Go to the closest computer repair shop you can find and tell them you need them to do a few things for you. They’ll probably perk up and look for a sales opportunity. Here’s what you tell them: you need them to come out into Portland, to your house, and look at your computer. You want them to run hardware diagnostics, scan for viruses, and advise you of any available upgrades. Then get them to write everything down and give you an estimate about how much all the work that you might need done would cost. At this point the tech is probably going to be mentally tallying up a bill for all this work. Here’s the kicker though: tell him that you want everything you just mentioned done for free! He’s probably going to be insulted.   Here at Nerds On Call though, we think that should be a foregone conclusion. You wouldn’t pay a mechanic simply to tell you what’s wrong with your car – you’d pay him to fix it. You simply shouldn’t pay a computer tech to tell you you’ve got a virus – you should pay him to remove it. Charging for diagnostics alone is ridiculous!   So come to us first – it won’t cost you anything, and if you don’t like our prices, you can always go somewhere else. It’s a free economy and you have the power to choose. We know that, and we want to make sure you choose us because you like us, not because we charged you a hundred dollars to tell you that your computer is slow. You probably knew that this morning while you made breakfast as the ancient machine chugged to life. We don’t want to be another problem on top of the problems you already have.   So if you’re ready to get free diagnostics from friendly Portland techs give us a call or click the chat icon below!

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    Every computer problem is different. We give free estimates so you can get a good idea of exactly what you need.