Introducing the Nintendo Switch

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Video Transcript

Lisa: A little bit.

Ken: It’s got a little bit of coffee and sugar. Basically, it’s a bowl full of sugar. A little bit of coffee inside. Hey, take a look at this…

Plus, Nintendo’s newest console is preparing to launch. Learn all about the ins and outs and what gamers can expect. Nerd Alert coming up.

Plus, Ryan Eldridge from Nerds On Call. He’s here and he’s sharing everything you need to know about Nintendo’s newest console. Yeah.

Hey, welcome back to Good Day on this Friday morning. Ryan Eldridge from Nerds On Call joining us again and, Ryan, I like to game a little bit. You like to game a little bit. Nothing worse than being in the middle of a heated round during the game and then you gotta stop, and go somewhere. Now, that’s not gonna be a problem anymore?

Ryan: No, that’s the cool thing about the Nintendo Switch.

Ken: What?

Ryan: Last night at 11:00 Eastern time, they announced from Tokyo that the Nintendo Switch is coming out and it’s gonna come out on March 3rd. And my wife says I’m not allowed to tell you the price. I gotta show you the console first, then I’ll tell you the price.

Ken: Oh, deal.

Ryan: So here’s the cool thing about it. Check this out. It’s got a little tablet and you got a little controller here but the controller’s attached to the side of the tablet and, boom, you can take it with you.

Ken: There’s the game.

Ryan: Yeah, it’s so cool. So, you can watch in on, you can play it on big television, take it with you, you know portable game. It’s like a monster-sized PSP. It’s like super huge. So, there’s some really cool features about it. First of all, these are called Joy-con controllers. Not only do they have motion like the old Wii, you could do, but there’s also a little, tiny IR camera inside one of the controllers, so it can notice distance, it can notice objects, how far apart they are from each other and the other really cool part about it is you can hand it to your friend and you can multi-play, each using one controller over the other. That’s kinda cool.

Ken: That’s awesome.

Ryan: And, it’s got such sensitivity in its little haptic feedback that it can simulate water being poured into the thing, or like little different ice cubes being dropped in. So, it’s super sensitive.

Ken: Wow.

Ryan: There’s a bunch of games that are coming out. There’s gonna be 80 games that are currently in development. There’s only gonna be a few at launch, but you’re gonna be able to do multiplayer gaming, so local multiplayer.

Ken: This is at eight systems together to play. That’s crazy.

Ryan: Yeah, so that’s one of their new games. It’s called like Splatter, or something like that. Anyway, you’re gonna be able to shoot a bunch of people, kinda fun. Anyway shooting them and they’ve got parental controls. So they’re gonna come out with the new online system with this game. They’ve never had this before. You’re gonna be able to not only buy games, but they’re gonna give you a free Super NES game every month that you can play for the entire month, which is kinda cool. There’s gonna be a little store, so you can buy games like you could on the old Wii but they’re talking about possibly being able to do multi-player. Here’s the cool thing, you’re a big sports fan?

Ken: Absolutely.

Ryan: Remember EA didn’t really support the Wii or the WiiU, but FIFA is coming directly to this. It’s one of the 80 titles in development. So, the new FIFA game’s gonna be coming out too…

Ken: Hold on, hold on, Nerd Alert, Nerd Alert. I’m getting word that the game you were talking about is Splatoon. Is that correct?

Ryan: Yeah, Splatoon, that’s it.

Ken: All right, thank you.

Ryan: So, also, Mario’s coming back. “Mario’s Odyssey.” This is where he’s gonna be in the real world, see, screws around New York right here. That’s gonna be pretty cool. That’s gonna come out in summer. Then you’ve got “Legend of Zelda.” This is a launch title. This will be coming out at launch, so you can expect this on March 3rd. And, “1-2 Switch.” This is kind of a weird one. So, this is using the controller and you can sword fight and…

Ken: Light saber duels and stuff. Oh, that’s awesome.

Ryan: What they say is, instead of looking at the screen, you’re gonna be looking at your opponent directly and the screen becomes sort of like a referee during the game, which is kinda weird.

Ken: Oh, I love that, though.

Ryan: So, here’s the clincher, $299. That’s how much it’s gonna be, $299. You can pre-order it right now. Go to You can pre-order it from Best Buy, Walmart, Target, all the major retailers, $299 and even if you’re not gonna play with it, buy it because you can sell it. They always limit release these things and you can sell it for double the price by the time it comes out.

Ken: Now, for me, I don’t really think much about price, but is that competitive, is that high-end? It’s kinda the same as everything else, right?

Ryan: That’s pretty much the same as Xbox, same as Playstation. So, if you’re already thinking about getting like the new Scorpio or the new Playstation that’s gonna come out next year, this is gonna be the same price. But, this is really cool if you got younger kids. I mean who doesn’t want to play “Mario” or “Pokemon” or “Zelda” or something like that? I would love to.

Ken: Yeah, the Wii managed to get our son into “Super Mario,” so now that’s happening. That’s my fault.

Ryan: See, my son’s into Pokemon right now and the only way to play it is Nintendo. So, we had to buy him a stinking little Nintendo for Christmas and he’s playing it and he’s stuck, anyway.

Ken: Ryan, always good to see you, man. It’s always good stuff.

Ryan: It’s good to see you.

Ken: Thank you. Show me ways to spend my money I hadn’t thought of before. Lisa, back to you.

Lisa: All right, thanks so much.


Last night, Nintendo held a press event to show off their latest gaming console, the Nintendo Switch, expected to hit shelves in March. It was first previewed in October and there were not a lot of details prior to last night. Well now we have more information and we are just so excited! (NERD ALERT!)

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What we know now…

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid device: half-portable, half-living room system. It will seamlessly “switch” from home theater console gaming to portable tablet gaming.

It goes from TV console (when it is docked) to a hand held gaming system like the Game Boy – just a load bigger!! The docking station connects to your big TV, so you just dock the console to “switch” the game to the TV and pick it up off the dock when you want to play via the Tablet style screen.

It’s sliding controllers are called Joy-Cons, they slide onto a battery pack for large controller, you can use a separate Bluetooth Pro Controller (like Xbox controller), available for around $70. You can also use the Joy-Cons separately for multiplayer experiences.

You can link with nearby Switch tablets (up to 8!) for head to head gaming on the go.

The Joy-Cons have an accelerometer and gyroscope for Wii-like motion controls and have an HD rumble – a haptic feedback sensitive enough to simulate different numbers of ice cubes falling into a glass, or the sensation of water being poured.

The right hand controller has an IR camera to determine shapes and distance of objects.

The battery should last 2.5 to 6 hours, depending on type of game.

Parental Controls lets you set time limits on each day, this is tied to the console, not individual users. Parents can monitor & configure via smartphone app which shows games your kid is playing & how long. You can restrict games & access to online community.

Coming March 3rd 2017 – worldwide release

The price tag for all this awesomness? $299.99 – so in line with comparable console systems.

So what games are available for the Switch?

80 Games are currently in development, only a handful will be available on March 3rd 2017.

Remarkably, Nintendo are making the device software region free, which means we can play Japanese games for the 1st time in the US!

Two games we have seen in action are:

1-2 Switch – Launch Title

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Launch Title

Super Mario Odyssey – Likely out at the end of 2017

Mario Cart 8 Deluxe – Released in April

Dragon Quest RPG games

Nintendo are launching Online Play premium network which is like Sony Playstation Network & X-Box Live. But there are no details of what it will offer as of yet. Nintendo are likely to release details soon!

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