PR: “Nerds” makes connecting with loved ones simple

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REDDING, Calif. (November 1, 2010) – When it comes to staying close with those we love; deep down we all know what needs to be done. All too often a busy life or money worries get in the way, and suddenly our close-knit family becomes a loose connection of people rushing off to do their own things.

Life moves quickly, especially around the holidays, which makes it even harder to stay connected. We all have memories of stuffing into the car with the rest of the family and heading off to grandma’s house to see relatives we haven’t seen in years. Who hasn’t spent days writing out Christmas cards, only to find ourselves trudging through the cold and crowds to get to the post office. Nothing can ruin the memory of your 5-hour phone call with your uncle Jim quite like getting a huge phone bill. Is there a better way to spend an afternoon than to talk to a travel agent, to arrange a cheap flight for Thanksgiving?

The Internet and technology have opened up an array of possibilities for staying connected to faraway family and friends. We can now share pictures and videos on social networks. We can get family updates using Internet phones for free long distance. If we decide to travel somewhere we can use travel websites to get the best possible deal. Here are a few quick tips from Nerds On Call about how to keep loved ones closer than ever:

1. Connecting with loved ones through email. Little things can mean a lot, so be realistic and don’t obsess over sending out the traditional Christmas cards, it does not have to be an all or nothing process. Try e-cards or emailing a family newsletter to family and friends. These will eliminate expensive cards, postage and running to the crowded post office. You can try sites like, and to send out free cards.

2. Connecting with loved ones through travel websites. The holiday season is a whole season, not just a couple days; so if you cannot travel during the actual holiday because airfare costs too much, try other days before and after the holiday to re-connect with family. You can try sites like,, or to compare travel options.

3. Connecting with loved ones through Internet phones. Long distance phone bills are too high and staying in touch with your college student or family overseas can be costly. Try connecting through free voice over IP connections like Skype ( Most are easy to set up and only require minimal additional equipment. You can even use video chat to see your loved one face to face!

4. Connecting with loved ones through social media websites. Facebook ( and other social networking sites are great ways to reconnect with out-of-town family members. These sites provide a way for family to upload and share photos, post updates about family happenings and even arrange family holidays and reunions. Don’t worry about the privacy, many sites offer ways to block others you may not want accessing your page, but yet allow friends and family to reconnect with you.

5. Connecting with loved ones through photos and video. Let’s face it, a picture tells a thousand tales. Family can reconnect through pictures and videos through many popular websites, for free. Some can even help you create photo albums, calendars and other economical gifts. You can try Snapfish (, YouTube ( and Photo Bucket (

While the resources recommended by Nerds On Call are available at no cost, NERDS suggests consumers check to make sure their computers have the basic requirements and hardware necessary to use them and if you run into issues…

We’ll help you set up those gadgets and gizmos to bring your family closer If our tips don’t help you to reconnect to family and friends or you have questions about those new gadgets and tips, Nerds On Call is a phone call away or even try our new LIVE Chat @ The company has locations in Oregon, California and Washington, offering on- site service, as well as online and phone support to areas without a physical store location. For a list of stores, visit

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