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Marketing is essential to the success of any organization. Traditional marketing practices no longer work, since 2010 we have been using 100% digital marketing practices and have seen amazing results. Our strategists will work with you to map out a plan that grows your business and leads to the quickest possible return on your investment.


The term digital marketing covers many service areas, it’s not often that a marketing firm can offer all of them or at least do all of them well. We specialize in the services that small to medium sized businesses require to grow their business. Here are just a few of the areas we just so happen to be ninja’s at:

  1. SEO

    You may have heard this term before. Many people claim to be experts at Search Engine Optimization, few actually are. The way that search engines such as Google and Bing serve up their results changes frequently. The secret here is what is actually on your page and the way you structure it, go ahead and search “computer repair” in your local area. You can see paid, organic and 3-pack (on map) results. If you are in all three then you will automatically get 80% of all traffic from the result! Magic!

  2. PPC

    Pay Per Click is like the modern day phone book. This gets you in front of customers who already know the problem they are having and are in the research phase of their process. Pay Per Click lets you be at the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), you are paying for visibility. These campaigns vary in cost dependent on your industry, the pricing is based upon bidding. The less competition the lower the price will be as you are not bidding against anyone else for first place. In most cases the return on investment into PPC is high as you are only delivering your ad to those who are already interested in your service.

  3. Content Creation

    Engaging with your customers is essential in today’s information hungry society. We all want to read engaging and gripping content and we feel loyal to trusted sources that provide us with this information. Now we’re not saying you need to become a news agency, but a carefully crafted content calendar will allow your company to become an authority figure in your industry. We have professional writers who have written thousands of blog articles, TV segments and newspaper articles from subjects as far ranging as cyber-bullying to car insurance claims. These pieces of content can also lead to viral success or being picked up by major national publications.

  4. Email Campaigns

    Email campaigns may not be the most fashionable method of marketing but they are still one of the most effective. Using your current list of customers we can segment out the lists and send specific relevant content to your subscribers. This can be the perfect way to harvest new sales out of your existing customer base. The most valuable set of leads you have are the customers who have paid you in the past. Combining great content and an email campaign that segments out your customers so that you can offer them content that interests them will ensure your success in building your business reputation and sales.

These are just a few areas that we practice to get our clients the wins they desire. We also heavily use social media and video production to build upon our created content. Why not see what we could do for you?

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