Computer Tuneup Sacramento

Remember when you first brought your computer home from the local Sacramento Fry’s, set it up, and it ran so smoothly, like a barrel over Niagara falls? The years have passed and what once seemed so futuristic and efficient has now degraded into a machine that feels a little bit more like old gum you find on the bottom of your shoe, while walking in Sacramento– slow, sticky and unappealing? What you need is a computer tune-up to turn your old gum shoe back into that slick machine you enjoyed years ago.

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Smart Home Consultation

Smart-Home technology is used to make your life simpler, and safer. Did you know that you can control your homes thermostat right from a Smartphone? You can program your house to heat up, cool down, un-lock, and play music, record TV shows, and sync your family’s calendar with your computer and cell phones, and many other things.

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