Processor Repair Sacramento

Your processor is essentially the brain of your computer. So when your processor fails, it’s a lot like what would happen were your brain to fail. We’re talking total loss of function here. Flat lined computer, really… it’s not good. Fortunately, you can sometimes catch it before this happens. If your computer randomly locks up, there’s a good chance that your processor is starting to fail.

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Blu Ray, DVD, and CD Repair

Remember when CDs were all the rage? Then CD burning at home came along. DVDs and DVD burning came after that, and now all those things are sort of expected from a computer. Now we have Blu-ray discs. One wonders what the next step will be. Chances are good that we’ll be moving away from optical disc technology, but for now it’s the most reliable method of software or high-definition video transfer. Video services like Netflix are great, but sometimes you just have to head down to your video store in Sacramento and pick up something the internet doesn’t have. For that it’s nice to have a working DVD or Blu-ray drive, in case you want to play it on your home theatre PC or similar device.

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Fan Replacement Sacramento

We Nerds don’t really have much experience being awesome, but we’re sure you’re familiar with the feeling. You just do your thing from day to day and people just regard you as the bee’s knees. Eventually, you gain some fans. They follow you around Sacramento, ask you for your autograph, and take weird pictures of you to post in gossip magazines. It must be hard dealing with these fans all the time. That’s why we offer our fan replacement service.

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Network Card Repair Sacramento

If you’re reading this, I can reasonably assume that you have internet access. If not, then you are no doubt some sort of psychic who can connect to the web with their mind, like in X-Men. That’s pretty awesome. What am I thinking right now?

What non-psychic people use to connect to the internet here in Sacramento is called a network card. They come in many forms. In phones they’re tiny 3G modems, on computers they can be built into the motherboard or be separate cards connected to the motherboard, or even be external and connected via USB. On top of this, there’s a whole slew of different specifications. Wireless-N/B/G, or wired, dual-band connectivity, cable, DSL, etc. It gets pretty complicated.

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Graphics Card Repair Sacramento

Most people aren’t entirely sure what a graphics card is and that’s ok. It’s kind of a weird concept. Did you ever see Inception? If not, the spoiler-free summary is that there are dreams within dreams. It’s pretty crazy. Definitely a great nerd movie! If you haven’t seen it, head to the closest Sacramento video store and rent it. Anyway, the concept of a graphics card is similar. It’s a computer within a computer. Just like your computer has memory, a processor, a motherboard, and cooling units, so does your graphics card. Your graphics card is entirely dedicated to…well…graphics. For people who do a lot of graphics (there’s that word again) work, you probably use the card a lot more than most people. Any complex visuals are handed to the graphics card by the rest of the computer. Now, if only we could put a computer within a computer within a computer…

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Desktop RAM Upgrade & Repair Sacramento

So you’re outside of Sacramento, roaming your fields with your sheep and your rams and suddenly, one of your rams gets sick. Here at Nerds On Call we offer dedicated RAM repair service…maybe we’re talking about different things here.

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Malware Removal Sacramento

From the dawn of time (or at least since computers have been around) users of computers have been plagued by malicious software which cracks into their computers. Examples include viruses, spyware, rootkits and Trojan horses. All these fall under the category “malware.”

But how do you deal with these ever-prevalent computer maladies?Everyone knows that despite your best efforts, many viruses will persist even despite good virus removal software. Rootkits are the worst things, specifically, and often duck under the radar.

Bring Sacramento’s best into the situation!

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Rootkit Removal Sacramento

Root kits are nasty. Really, really nasty and the worst part is that you could have one without even knowing it. They can’t be detected by traditional anti-virus software, and in theory can take complete control of your computer without you even knowing it exists.

Basically what root kits do is this: they install themselves OUTSIDE your operating system. Some particularly malicious ones can even consume your operating system, running your entire computer themselves. Once they’ve installed and hidden themselves, most root kits allow some other program to slip through undetected and because your anti-virus program runs within your operating system, it can’t see any changes that the root kit is making. Through this, hackers can gain access to your computer without even having to be in Sacramento – they could easily be on the other side of the world. Super scary stuff!

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Remove Spyware Sacramento

When you think of spies – what do you think of? James Bond? Sure, the martini-sipping British double agent is a dapper image, but what about real spies? Mata Hari, maybe, or Aldrich Ames… What if I told you that there are spies right here in Sacramento?

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Remove Popups Sacramento

Pop-ups are a lot like kids – except you never asked for them. They bounce around all the time, distracting you while you’re on the computer. They ask for money and for your attention (and they rarely actually need either). They even ask you to go somewhere (either around Sacramento or around the internet) that you really don’t want to go to. The crucial difference here between the two is that kids are great to have around, and eventually they grow up and make you proud by writing copy for tech websites. Pop-ups, however, are not nearly as rewarding.

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