iPhone 7 Rumor Roundup

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Video Transcript

Ken: …Ryan Eldridge from Nerds on Call with some iPhone 7 predictions.

Julissa: I’m so excited. I’m so excited, he’s got new info, I’m so excited. And you know what I love most? Is that I kinda time out my upgrade to the new release.

Ryan: A lot of people do, right? I mean I’m doing the same thing. I can’t wait till tomorrow. This is going to be great.

Julissa: Okay, so tomorrow…

Ryan: This is Christmas and birthday all in one. Okay, so tomorrow’s the big day.

Julissa: Okay.

Ryan: And the first thing we’re going to talk about is the camera. Now if you’re like me, you’re a little annoyed that the current iPhone, the camera sticks out a little.

Julissa: Oh got it.

Ryan: And it’s kind of a pain.

Julissa: Okay, I guess. I mean it’s really not that much, but okay.

Ryan: But still, it’s kind of a design flaw, so they’re fixing that this year.

Julissa: Okay, so it’s gonna be flush.

Ryan: It’s gonna be flush.

Julissa: Okay.

Ryan: Here’s the other thing. Where’s the auxiliary jack? Where do I plug my headphones in?

Julissa: Oh, wow yeah…

Ryan: Well they’re getting rid of the jack and their gonna make it so when you have to connect to the lightning connector. Now, the iPhone 7 will come with an adapter so you can use your legacy headphones.

Julissa: Uh huh.

Ryan: I know. People kinda think it’s a money grab.

Julissa: Right?

Ryan: But it’s kind of a pain to have two things connected at the back…

Julissa: Yes.

Ryan: …of your phone…

Julissa: Right.

Ryan: …more things to break, so.

Julissa: All right, got it.

Ryan: Check this out, there’s gonna be new colors.

Julissa: Oh?

Ryan: So they’re gonna have the gold, the silver, the rose gold, but now they’re gonna have dark black?

Julissa: Oh.

Ryan: And piano black?

Julissa: Oh wow. Two different…

Ryan: So it’s gonna be kind of a shiny, super shiny.

Julissa: Oh, okay got it. Okay.

Ryan: They’re also gonna have more waterproofing, so you know how the Apple watch is a lit bit waterproof? It’s water resistant.

Julissa: Okay, okay.

Ryan: So they’re gonna do that with the phone.

Julissa: Okay.

Ryan: And they’re gonna do that by getting rid of the home button. Yeah, no more home button, no clickable home button.

Julissa: Okay.

Ryan: Instead, it’s gonna be a representation of a home button. It could be part of the screen. They’re not quite sure.

Julissa: Okay, okay.

Ryan: But it’s not going to be clickable. It’s gonna be just like I have to key back.

Julissa: Okay, okay.

Ryan: The storage options, they’re getting rid of the 16GB. So those that get our phones provided by companies, that get the cheapest phone possible, no more 16 gig, which is going to be kind of nice. But it’s going to go up all the way to 256 gigs.

Julissa: Oh my goodness.

Ryan: It’s gonna be huge!

Julissa: Who needs that much space?

Ryan: You do! Look at how many photos you take. On the iPhone 7 Plus, a dual camera.

Julissa: Wait, what?

Ryan: This is cool.

Julissa: As in two?

Ryan: Yeah! One is going to be a wide angle so you can get more space and the other is going to be a telephoto so you can zoom in.

Julissa: I might, I might need a moment. Okay.

Ryan: Also going to be announced tomorrow, the Apple Watch 2 is coming out. Not really a huge update.

Julissa: Okay.

Ryan: Everybody was saying, “Maybe they can untether it from my phone, put an LTE chip in there.

Julissa: Okay.

Ryan: Not gonna happen.

Julissa: Okay.

Ryan: They’re gonna put GPS in it, though.

Julissa: Oh?

Ryan: So if you’re a runner or things like that it’s gonna be kinda nice.

Julissa: Yeah, okay.

Ryan: Also, iOS 10 is gonna be announced and it’s not going to be anything major.

Julissa: Okay.

Ryan: But, it’s the new update.

Julissa: Right, right.

Ryan: Also they’re talking about, possibility, the iPad Pro could get an update tomorrow. This is not likely, though.

Julissa: Okay.

Ryan: iPad Pro hasn’t had an update in four years. And they’re talking about putting a little strip on the iPad that’s a little touch screen.

Julissa: Oh?

Ryan: On the keyboard.

Julissa: Oh okay.

Ryan: That could be kinda cool.

Julissa: Oh, yeah, yeah.

Ryan: But that’s kinda the rumor round-up. That’s what’s likely gonna happen tomorrow.

Julissa: Okay.

Ryan: We’ll see tomorrow.

Julissa: Now, now, this, this is really for my own benefit here, so they announce this stuff tomorrow likely.

Ryan: Yes.

Julissa: But we can’t order it tomorrow or even pick it up in the store.

Ryan: It’s gonna be October. But you’ll likely be able to pre-order by the end of the week.

Julissa: Okay.

Ryan: And then, of course, you’re gonna get your phone in October. It’s gonna be awesome. I’m coming in, I’m gonna go crazy.

Julissa: It’ll cost you a fortune, but it’ll be so cool. All right, Ryan, thank you so much.

Ryan: You’re Welcome.

Julissa: So you’re sticking around. We’re gonna talk more iPhone stuff.

Ryan: Yeah, we’re gonna talk about iPhone storage…

Julissa: Yes.

Ryan: …in case you have the 16 gig or 32 if it’s not enough for you.

Julissa: Okay.

Ryan: We’re gonna figure out ways you can really expand your storage.

Julissa: Squeeze out. Okay, got it.

Ryan: Squeeze out all that storage.

Julissa: All right Ryan with Nerds on Call always helping us out this morning. Ken, over to you.

Ken: Now you’ve got my attention with that because my storage is horrible. I don’t have any room for anything.


Apple fans are waiting with baited breath for the big announcement on September 7 2016 – a new iPhone and Apple Watch and maybe even updates to the laptop line.

We assume the iPhone will be called the iPhone 7, but given the recent decision to change OS X to Mac OS, anything is possible now.

Most likely they will name the new iPhone the iPhone 7 and it’s set to be very similar to the current iPhone offering.

In this article, we will go over 7 hot rumors related to the new iPhone 7 as well as discuss rumors on the Apple Watch as well as the upcoming MacBook Pro changes.

Since 2007, the iPhone has been one of the most desirable must have gadgets and Apple have steadily fed that demand each year since then, with new updates and features to build their loyal fanbase.

Apple controversially created our love of purchasing new expensive gadgets on an annual basis. Each year we dispose of millions cutting edge technically advanced devices, why?

Because we MUST have the latest and greatest version.

7 Rumors About iPhone 7

  1. There is no headphone jack

    The antiquated technology of the 3.5mm audio jack is finally being axed. This may help make the device more water resistant.

    • Moving away from AUX headphone connections

    • The iPhone is likely to include headphones that connect through lightning connector also a lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter to help start the transition.

    • This is a real push to Bluetooth headphones, which of course Apple sell!

  2. There are 5 color options

    Space grey is rumored to be discontinued. Here are the 5 color options

    • Silver

    • Gold

    • Rose Gold

    • “Dark Black”

    • “Piano Black”

  3. It will be waterproof

    Water resistance for the iPhone 7 is rumored to be on par with Apple Watch.

  4. 16GB option upgraded to 32GB

    Anyone who has ever owned a 16GB iPhone will know that it’s just not enough space for all your apps and data. So this is a huge upgrade for those looking at the cheapest model available.

  5. The home button will be clickless

    Another feature that will help with water resistance, the new home button will be:

    • Pressure Sensitive – think 3D touch, opening up many more options.

    • It will use haptic feedback to make it feel like your pressing an actual button.

    How this will be integrated is exciting as this will allow for the screen to take up more of the front of the phone. Would edge to edge be possible?

  6. The 7 Plus will have 2 rear cameras

    Two lenses on the rear of the phone will enable:

    • Wide-angle and telephoto camera.

    • The 2 lens combo offers “optical zoom-like” functionality and “Light field camera applications”

    The camera flash will have 4 LEDs for better tone. We look forward to seeing what kind of photos this could produce.

  7. The earpiece will be a speaker

    The earpiece receiver will be speaker so that the iPhone 7 can provide stereo sound in speaker mode when the device is held in landscape orientation.

Apple Watch Rumors

Apple appear to be moving away from a communication device for the Apple Watch and more toward a fitness device.

It will likely have the same look – No likely hardware redesign.

Apple will likely be adding GPS, this will let watch track runners even when they leave phone behind.

As with each new device upgrade, the new Apple Watch will come with a faster processor. However there will still be no LTE, that is expected for release next year. There will be improvements made to the waterproofing and it will come with a bigger battery.

What about the MacBook Pro?

The MacBook Pro hasn’t had a significant update in over 4 years. Rumors have talked about a thinner design & a touchscreen strip above keys. Also, the MacBook Air should be getting USB-C support sometime soon. However, it is unlikely we will hear anything at this event due to the lack of leaks!

Are people really going to upgrade? It doesn’t sound like a spectacular update.

However, this is the largest cycle of people coming due for a phone upgrade since the iPhone 6 was released.

People will upgrade, even if changes are unremarkable because Apple fans are the most dedicated consumers out there!

About The Author: Andrea Andrea Eldridge is CEO and co-founder of Nerds On Call, a computer repair company that specializes in on-site and online service for homes and businesses. Andrea is the writer of a weekly column, Nerd Chick Adventures in The Record Searchlight. She prepares TV segments for and appears regularly on CBS, CW and FOX on shows such as Good Day Sacramento, More Good Day Portland, and CBS 13 News, offering viewers technology and lifestyle tips. See Andrea in action at callnerds.com/andrea/.