Hot Tech Gifts for the Holidays

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Keba: Me and Ryan Eldridge, co-founder of Nerds On Call, stopped by our studio with some tech gift ideas.

All right, Ryan. So we’re talking hot tech gifts today. Christmas is right around the corner. What do you get for someone who already has everything?

Ryan: Especially nerds! You know, we’re at our computer all the time and we just buy whatever we want. So these are kind of the cool gifts that maybe the nerd hasn’t thought of, so this is kind of cool. Start with the first one. This is for Star Wars. It’s just coming out in a few days and every nerd wants this one. This is a remote control BB8.

You can use it as a little app on your phone and you can make him chirp and squirm, you can set him to patrol mode and he’ll drive around the office for you. It’s pretty cool. We’ve been hiding this from my son. He’s super excited about it. He really wants it but it’s a $150 and it’s sold out just about everywhere so…

Keba: How do you find one? You see it grab it?

Ryan: If you see it, grab it. I mean, worst case, you throw it on eBay and make a couple of bucks but otherwise, you’ve got it in reserve if you need it for the holidays.

Keba: Okay, $150. Just a cool fun thing.

Ryan: Just a cool fun thing. Especially for kids. So the next thing. This is kind of a speaker you wouldn’t think you’d need but this is a waterproof, Bluetooth speaker that you can use in your shower and it sounds fantastic.

Keba: Wow.

Ryan: So you can groove out in the shower, put an audio book on, it’s waterproof, there’s a little doughnut you can use to stick it on your pool, so you can have it float around your pool. It’s pretty cool.

Keba: Not too heavy. Completely waterproof?

Ryan: Completely waterproof. It won’t float though so if you toss it in the pool, it will sink to the bottom. So you need that little doughnut.

Keba: Okay. How much?

Ryan: That’s UE by Logitech and that is about $100. You can get that on The next thing is for golfers. Golfers love to buy little gadgets and things to make sure they’re doing good on the golf course. This is a cool little gadget. You can put on your glove and what it’ll do is it’ll analyse your swing. It gives you a 360 degree view of your swing. It gives you little tips on the app on how to improve your performance. It’s $150. You can get it at,

Keba: For the golf lover in your life.

Ryan: They also make a tennis version, as well as some other activity versions you can use. So if you’re not just into golf and you’re more into tennis or basketball or something like that, they’ve got other versions. Next thing is gloves.

Keba: I love these.

Ryan: In the Bay Area, we got to have gloves. It gets too cold.

Keba: It’s chilly.

Ryan: Yeah, so with these gloves, these allow you to touch the screen on your mobile device but not just with two fingers. You can use all five of your fingers. These are about $27. These are made by Ecko and you can get those online.

Keba: And it’s because of the tips, right? Can you see that there?

Ryan: Yeah. The little tips allow you to touch the screen and still allows it to move for you. And then there’s a male version. This one is by…I can’t remember the name. It’s Mujjo. And this version…

Keba: A little more manly.

Ryan: Yeah, and it’s got little grips on it. So that way when you’ve got a knit glove, sometimes your phone slips right out of your hands and this gives you little grippers, and all five fingers work. So you can use it on your mobile device or your tablet.

Keba: Love it. About $30?

Ryan: About $30 a piece of those.

Keba: Okay.

Ryan: And then of course, for any mobile gadget lover, you’ve got to have a Fitbit or some kind of tracking device to make sure you’re getting your calories burned.

Keba: Yes.

Ryan: These are about $150 and they’re pretty great. They work with an app on your phone to track your steps as well as your calories you’ve taken in during the day, but it’s also got a heart rate monitor so as you get pumped up at the gym, you can really see what you’re really burning rather than what it’s estimating.

Keba: Okay. And it comes in different colors?

Ryan: Yeah.

Keba: How much for this again?

Ryan: We like purple but this is about $150. You can get it at or you just go to Amazon and get one there, or if you’re really crazy, go to eBay because some people buy them and they all go like, “Oh I’m totally gonna do it,” and then they don’t. So you can get it at eBay usually for about $50 off.

Keba: All right. Ryan Eldridge, co-founder Nerds on Call with our hot tech gifts. Thank you, Ryan.

Ryan: You’re welcome.

Male reporter: A lot of good tips there. All right. Let’s check in with Rose… 

It seems as though every technology lover grabs the latest gadget as soon as it hits the shelves, leaving friends and loved ones without any idea as to what to gift them. The Nerds at Nerds on Call have put together a short list of a few great teach gifts for the person who already has everything. Gadget lovers can always use accessories for what they already own, or something that speaks to their interest. Of course, there may be a few items that they loved, but never pulled the trigger on the release date.

#1 BB8 Sphero $150

One of the hottest tech gifts for this holiday season, the BB8 Sphero is on “wish lists” of every tech publication editor out there. This nifty little robot droid can be controlled through an app on your mobile device. You can design a route for patrol, and create virtual holographic videos that can be sent and viewed. Target has a cheaper version with a standard remote which may be better for young children to operate instead of having to use a smartphone or tablet.

#2 UE Roll Bluetooth Speaker $100

This waterproof Bluetooth speaker from Logitech’s Ultimate Ear collection makes our list of hot tech gifts because it allows you to take your tunes into the shower. You can hang the speaker on your shower head and not have to worry about it being damaged because it is completely waterproof. These little speakers pack a punch, and come in a variety of flashy colors. The UE Roll comes with an inflatable donut so that you can set it afloat in your pool; be wary, however, as the speaker itself will not float unless the donut is inflated and attached. This portable speaker is great for kayaks, canoes, rafts, or boats, because you do not have to worry about it failing due to water damage, just don’t send it floating off down the river.

#3 Zepp 3D Golf Sense $149

Next on our list of hot tech gifts is the Zepp 3D Golf Sense. This small sensor attaches to your golf glove in order to give you feedback about your swing. The sensor sends 3D analysis to your smartphone via bluetooth so that you can make corrections for a better shot. They also offer kits for tennis and baseball, for any athlete in your life that could use a purer swing. After just a few swings, you can be hitting the sweet spot every time.

#4 Fashionable Unrestricted Touchscreen Gloves

Touchscreen gloves have been great tech gifts since smartphones became common. Many touch gloves limit use to the thumb and index finger, but an unrestricted touchscreen glove allows for a more comfortable and natural use of touchscreens. For men, the Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves ($27) are a stylish choice. They are made using silver-coated nylon fibers woven into the fabric for a full hand conductive capability. Although they are not yet available in the United States, they are available online. These gloves come in single and double layer options for colder climates, and include silicone dot grips to help keep hold of your phone in the coldest of temperatures.  For women, the Echo All Over Touch Gloves ($28) incorporate eLink fabric in into every fingertip. These gloves come in lots of great colors, and are made of super soft and stretchy fabric for a great fit. These tech gifts are great for anybody in the family, not just the gadget lover.

fitbit charge hr

#5 FitBit Charge HR $150

Fitbits and other fitness monitoring wearable gadgets have been hot tech gifts for the past few years. This version, the FitBit Charge HR tracks your steps and calories burned throughout a wide variety of activities. The HR stands for heart rate, because this version tracks your heart rate as well, giving the ‘calories burned’ measurement more accuracy. This device also receives caller ID on your wrist so that you do not have to pull your phone out to see who is calling you in the middle of your workout. Fitbit’s smartphone app also allows for wireless syncing, meaning there are no cables to worry about.

#6 StepBling $15-$17

Stepbling makes our list of hot tech gifts because they make great stocking-stuffers for the fitness junkie on your list who already has a fitness tracking bracelet like the FitBit mentioned above. With options for FitBit, Jawbone, and Garmin fitness trackers, you are sure to find a design that they will love for their exact device.

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About The Author: Andrea Andrea Eldridge is CEO and co-founder of Nerds On Call, a computer repair company that specializes in on-site and online service for homes and businesses. Andrea is the writer of a weekly column, Nerd Chick Adventures in The Record Searchlight. She prepares TV segments for and appears regularly on CBS, CW and FOX on shows such as Good Day Sacramento, More Good Day Portland, and CBS 13 News, offering viewers technology and lifestyle tips. See Andrea in action at