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Macbook Protection Software Fresno

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Most people don’t think Macbooks can get viruses. And more often than the alternative, they’re right. Macbooks don’t get as many viruses as Windows, but there are still over 500,000 Apple computers that get infected with some sort of malware every year, whether it’s a virus, spyware, or other nasty piece of software. Obviously these attacks occur more often in locations that have more computers and sensitive data, like Fresno, which is a major hub of business. Now the reason that Macbooks don’t get heisted by malware as often as Windows computers and therefore don’t need protection software as much is because they have had a much smaller market share than Microsoft PCs. Because hackers seek to gain money from their illicit endeavors, attacking a smaller user base will gain them less profit per effort. However, the number of people using computers and therefore number of Macbook users is growing in current years. Hackers are going to be more prone to write Macbookintosh malware as time goes on. So how do you stop these pieces of malicious software from infecting you? There are few pieces of protection software that can do the job pretty well. And we here at Nerds On Call in Sacramento can help you get that software installed and protecting your system. Whether you’re just looking for someone to talk to about getting safeguards installed or you’d like us to do it for you, we’re here for you! Give our Sacramento Nerds a call or click the chat icon below to get started!

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