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Internet Service Provider Selection Fresno

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Choosing an internet service provider in Fresno isn't always an option, but it's a nice one to have. With the proliferation of media conglomerates, it's even more important than ever to choose a company that aligns with your perspective. For internet service providers, the defining issue of our time is net neutrality. So what is it? Net neutrality is a principle which holds that all traffic on the internet should be treated as equal. The opposition to net neutrality claims that certain services should be treated differently. An extreme example of this would be if your internet service provider blocked you from accessing Google unless you paid an additional fee on top of your basic access. While it's unlikely to play out like this, many major companies are lobbying to have the internet treated in this way. If you live in Fresno, you probably have access to a number of different companies: it's important to choose the one that most closely aligns with your perspective. Whichever view you take on net neutrality, Nerds On Call Computer Repair Fresno can help you pick an internet service provider that you agree with. Our knowledgeable Nerds stay frequent on the news and can help you make the most conscientious and budget-friendly selection.

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