The fans in your computer keep your computer cool. I’m sure that probably seems self-explanatory, but they’re an often-overlooked component of your computer. While Portland doesn’t get particularly hot, it’s sufficiently warm enough to necessitate cooling on your PC. The average computer has two fans: one on the processor, and one on the case that circulates the air to keep all the different parts cool. When these aren’t functioning at full capacity, your computer can heat up. And when your computer heats up, there can be problems. Components can be damaged irreparably, and the computer as a whole will run more slowly and less efficiently.


You can perform regular maintenance on the inside of your computer by using a can of compressed air, but after a while, regular use will just take its toll on the computer’s internal components. Your fans will slow and they’ll need to be replaced. Nerds On Call would love to replace these for you when the time comes. Our local Portland techs can come out to your location and evaluate your fan situation and replace the fans if need be. We’ll offer free estimates as always, and we’re continuously efficient and professional.


So if you need your fans replaced, and you’re looking for a good place around Portland to get that done, don’t hesitate to give Nerds On Call a ring or to click the chat icon below!


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