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Video Transcript

Maryanne: First, though, your wedding day is one you always want to remember.

Ken: That’s right. There are some free apps and tools that will help you make sure that you preserve those precious memories. Cody’s standing by with ways to digitize your nuptials.

Cody: No, I said I wouldn’t cry.

Ken: You lock it up. If you start crying, I’m going to start crying.

Cody: Okay, so how can we do this?

Ryan: First of all, if you’re going to set up a wedding, first thing you need is Cody and a nerd and we can just do anything.

Cody: Exactly.

Ryan: It took me about five minutes to plan the wedding. I don’t know what’s so tough but we keep hearing about it.

Cody: You didn’t have to separate Cody and the nerd because it just goes together, like peanut butter and chocolate.

Ryan: But you do have the glasses so it works well.

Cody: You can just stop the nerd.

Ryan: So let’s talk about setting up a wedding party. That’s going to be the most complex party you’re going to set up in your life. It’s got all kinds of moving parts and there’s vendors and all kinds of stuff.

Cody: You can’t put Martha next to Jim because they got into a fight back in 2004.

Ryan: Yeah. And so you’ve got to plan it very well and it’s going to be… Seeing organizers is tough. Most people have like a little binder that they keep and they’ve got all their notes in. Well now, you can do all that cool stuff online. So this website here is called Wedding Party. It creates a customized website and a customized web app. So you can upload your photos, all your engagement photos and all you’re “Here’s me as a little baby” photos.

And then what you can do is set up all of your stuff for your guests. And your guests can upload photos, write things in a guest book, answer little trivia questions about you guys. And then you get all their photos all in one place, so you can download them and save them yourself. Another nice thing is you’ve got a little chat option there. So let’s say your bridal party, they’re chatting amongst each other. It’s all in one place. You can refer back to it. You don’t have to worry about email and SMS and all the other stuff that you’ve got to worry about.

Cody: Oh, I like it. So it’s just a one stop spot in just one app.

Ryan: Yeah, and so another great part is it gives you tips and things like that. So you’ve got your little Pinterest thing because of course, everyone’s got to use Pinterest. You’ve got different tips and different vendor selections that you can use.

Cody: Is it true that people didn’t actually get married before Pinterest?

Ryan: That is absolutely true.

Cody: Weddings didn’t really actually happen?

Ryan: Guests can RSVP to the wedding, they can also, like I said, sign your guestbook, it’s awesome. If you’re going to do a party setup, this is one of the best applications you can use.

Cody: Weddingpartyapp.com. Okay.

Ryan: So here’s another one. If I’ve got to contact a cake and then a photographer and all the other stuff that I’ve got to remember, I’ve never set up a wedding before. I don’t know how to do that stuff. I don’t know when and when I’m going to need to do that for the date. Well this app here is called Wedding Happy. And what it does is you put in the date of your wedding and it will tell you what to do next. Research photographers and then it gives you a due date on when that needs to be done in order to be ready for your wedding. Research your cake, find the deejay, send out your invitations, step by step. It’s like having a mother-in-law but on your phone. How cool is that.

Cody: You know what? That probably will save the beginning of marriages everywhere. This is like a big fight. “Did you call the guy yet?” “No, I’m going to call the guy.” “No, you got to call the guy.” “Yeah, I’m going to call the guy,” and then this will tell you, “No, I’ve got two days to call the guy.”

Ryan: Mom, I got it. It’s on my iPhone. Leave me alone.

Cody: Yeah, that’s good. I like that.

Ryan: So the registry. When I got married, we went to Target and we fought the whole time, “I want this, I want that.” This is cool because you can put anything on this registry. So you go through it. You can take pictures of items. You can go to stores. You can go to Etsy. You can go to Pinterest. Anywhere you want and you can create collective lists. So that means in other words, let’s say you want a DSLR camera for your wedding gift but Aunt Martha can’t afford it and Uncle Joe can’t afford it, but together, maybe they can both go in on it. Or let’s say you want to have a down payment on your house and you want all your guests to start paying for your honeymoon for example. They can split it all out and that way…

Cody: So if you want to register at Liquor World, can you do that?

Ryan: You can, you can do all that stuff. And then people can buy it through the app. They can send you a check or cash directly. If they buy through the app, there’s a small transaction fee just for the credit card. But the beauty of it is when it’s all done and everything’s got, they just send you a check in the mail. And then you go out and buy the stuff yourself. So if you’ve changed your mind and you go, “Oh I don’t want to get the DSLR camera. There’s a new TV I want to get,” you can go do that instead. But it gives you just one place for everybody to see everything you want. You’re not stuck to Macy’s or Target or any one particular registry. You can do anything you want.

Cody: That’s pretty brilliant. That was a big fight too.

Ryan: I love this place. And then you can send out thank you cards automatically. You know, you’ve got a big stack of thank you cards, it takes weeks and weeks and weeks to send them out. Here, it just does it automatically for you. Put in the addresses and everything. You can customize the way it looks. And boom, they all get their thank you cards.

Cody: That’s nice. Nice! Thank you very much. You’ve saved marriages.

Ryan: I think so.

Cody: Good man, good man. What did we learn today, Maryanne? We learnt that these apps can help you have a simpler wedding. We’ve also learned that you can register at Liquor World.

Ken: Where is this Liquor World you speak of?

Cody: Nashville, Tennessee. Used to be around the corner of my house, that was hilarious. And then the other thing that we learned is that people didn’t marry before Pinterest.

Maryanne: Well, they did. It’s just they were horrible weddings.


Weddings should be a joyous experience, filled with family, friends, and love.


But the planning process can be a real headache. Coordinating the details – from flowers, to cake, to honeymoon, guest accommodations, and the surrounding parties can make you seriously consider eloping.


Whether you are just starting on the path of planning your big day, or if you’ll be getting hitched in the next few weeks, there are some great free apps and tools that allow you to “digitize your nuptials” and make sure everything runs smoothly.


Don’t just post your party details on Facebook and hope your guest keep up

Wedding Party

Create a custom website and mobile app for your big day – for FREE! Establish an account with Wedding Party.


wedding party app logo

You can use their pre-made templates to create a completely personalized website and app that your guests can use to stay up to date about pre-wedding parties, instantly RSVP, even view and quickly access event info, your registry, accommodation recommendations, etc.


The photo functionality is particularly helpful because guests can upload pictures they capture on your big day and you can download them directly from the site without having to beg your buddies to email you their pics.


Wedding Happy App

Now that you’ve got a great tool to keep your guests up to date about your big day and the surrounding events, its time to get your planning organized. Wedding Happy App is a free task and wedding vendor contact management app.


Enter the date of your wedding and it will walk you through creating a customized task list for every detail, like “Book honeymoon,” “Research cake options,” “Set up the gift registry,” etc.


wedding happy planner app

Tasks are automatically dated to give you enough time to take care of all the details before your big day. It will help to ensure that you don’t forget details or get overwhelmed having to do everything at once.


Vendor contact info and details are kept together in the app, all in one place, so you can ditch the big binder you’ve been curating.


Simple Registry

Finally, if the idea of registering for plates, towels and home décor leaves you uninspired, you’re in luck. Simple Registry lets you set up a registry for anything.


It’s not limited to big-name chain stores. Pick housewares, or any tangible good, from anywhere online (including Etsy or eBay), or guests can contribute to a big expenditure on the horizon such as your honeymoon, or a down payment for your first home together.


simple registry

This functionality also lets you split up big-ticket items into smaller donations, so loved ones can contribute toward a gift they wouldn’t otherwise be able to get you independently.


The interesting twist is that you don’t get actual items through Simple Registry. All gifts are sent to you in cash so that you can purchase items at the vendor of your choosing.


If your guest elects to pay by cash or check directly, it’s free. If they want to use a credit card, there’s a minimal transaction fee.


Happy nuptials!

About The Author: Andrea Andrea Eldridge is CEO and co-founder of Nerds On Call, a computer repair company that specializes in on-site and online service for homes and businesses. Andrea is the writer of a weekly column, Nerd Chick Adventures in The Record Searchlight. She prepares TV segments for and appears regularly on CBS, CW and FOX on shows such as Good Day Sacramento, More Good Day Portland, and CBS 13 News, offering viewers technology and lifestyle tips. See Andrea in action at callnerds.com/andrea/.