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Nerd Chick Adventures: 5 Tech Mistakes to Stop Making Today

by Andrea Eldridge Logging on to your computer can be a dangerous venture: Hackers! Malware! Never-ending spam! Some common habits make you vulnerable to the worst elements of the Internet. Stop making these five tech mistakes today, and you’ll be instantly safer online. Neglecting to install Operating System updates on your computers AND mobile devices. […]

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Nerd Chick Adventures: Is that App Safe to Download?

Mobile devices like Smartphones and tablets are made infinitely better – or worse – by the apps you install on them. With well over a million apps on the market, it can be overwhelming to decipher safe apps from the sketchy ones. Here’s how to recognize the duds before you download them. “App” is short […]

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Nerd Chick Adventures: Beware of Public WiFi!

When you pay by the megabyte for data through your cell service provider, the free WiFi offered at your local Starbucks or McDonalds provides a real value. Yet, there are inherent dangers in connecting to a public WiFi network, particularly if you intend on taking care of personal banking, connecting to social media, or shopping […]

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Nerd Chick Adventures: You’ve Been Hacked!

At our computer repair company, Nerds on Call, we frequently get calls from customers concerned that they’ve been “hacked.” It’s a term all over the news, from data breaches at companies like Target, Google and Home Depot, to networks of hackers that make their living stealing identities and data from victims all over the world. […]

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Nerd Chick Adventures: Lenovo Pre-Installed Adware Breaks Secure Internet Connections

All Lenovo users need to be aware that the manufacturer was pre-installing an adware program, called Superfish, on new laptops up until January 2015. The program breaks secure connections to webpages, making your online activities – including passwords and any data you enter into a webpage – vulnerable to hackers. Here’s what you need to […]

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New Internet Explorer Vulnerability Found

Researchers at FireEye security have discovered a vulnerability in all current versions of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer that would allow a “threat actor” to run code on a target’s system without their permission. According to FireEye, this security “hole” is being used to attack financial and defense organizations in the U.S.A. Shortly after the vulnerability was […]

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Make Awesomely Secure Passwords Easily

Remembering a unique login and password for every website you frequent on the internet requires either a genius-level photographic memory or a really cool trick. Since these days I often forget what I was getting up to retrieve as soon as I leave the room, my vote goes to the really cool trick method. Here’s […]

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“Heartbleed” Bug Discovered – Affects 2/3 of Internet

Researchers today discovered a serious flaw in the security software that keeps two-thirds of the web private. The bug, called “heartbleed,” has been a part of the “OpenSSL” software for two years without being detected. A patch has been written and is being distributed, but web servers running the old version are still affected. Don’t […]

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Microsoft Ending Support for Windows XP

It’s time to remove Windows XP, upgrade, and move on. We published an earlier article about XP’s end of life, and the deadline is here – On March 8, 2014, you may have been greeted with a message telling you that “Windows XP End of Support is on April 8th, 2013” and a link to […]

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IRS Releases Top Tax Scams of 2014

On February 19th, the IRS released its annual list of the top tax scams for 2014. As more taxpayers prepare, file, and store their data online, incidents of crimes like identity theft, phone scams and phishing increase. While these scams happen year round, the IRS warns taxpayers to be particularly cautious during tax season. Here’s […]

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