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iPhone Hacks!

You may think that you understand the full power of your iPhone. But think again. People don’t actually realize how powerful their iPhones are. Many people never bother with the handy (and secret) hacks that make the iPhone even cooler! In case you aren’t a Nerd like us, here are some secret tricks for your […]

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DIY Home Security

From user-installed alarm systems to motion-sensor video cameras, is a do-it-yourself alarm system right for you? Let’s talk about the pros and cons, as well as some of the newest home security gadgets that could help keep your home safer. DIY means that you will be buying the equipment and installing it yourself. Also for […]

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Save Your Gadgets from Summer

You may love the sun, sand and surf of summer, but your electronics most certainly do not. Ryan Eldridge,  Nerds on Call is here to show us what you should and should NOT do to save your gadgets from summer.  

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Father’s Day Tech Essentials

What better way to show dad you love him than by giving him a cool new gadget to tinker with? Nerds on Call here to give you some great tech gift ideas for Father’s Day.    

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Road Trip Tech – Kids Edition

Road trips used to involve hours playing “name that tune” with the kids whining, “are we there yet?” These days, the kids are watching movies on a tablet, adults are reading digital magazines or listening to audiobooks and everyone’s plugged in. Nerds on Call wants to offer you some must-have apps and gadgets for your […]

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Road Trip Tech

Nothing quite screams summer like, “Road Trip!!” and these days, gadgets and apps can make your voyage far more enjoyable than they once were when we were growing up. Nerds on Call are here to show you some must-have tech accessories and apps to pair with your next road trip. By now, most of you […]

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Tech to Keep You Safe on the Road

More than 90 people die in car accidents in the United States every day. Many of which are the result of driving unsafely, distracted driving or under the influence of alcohol. Distraction was reported as a factor in nearly 1 and 5 of car accidents in which someone was injured. Statistics show that you are […]

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Perfecting Your Selfie

  Wait! Before you post another blurry, duck face, bathroom mirror picture of yourself, we here at Nerds On Call would like to show you how to take the perfect selfie.  Hate it or love it, at some point in today’s digital age, we will all be tempted to take a selfie. What is it […]

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Can Minors Remove Content Online?


It’s nearly impossible to impress on children the permanence of things they share online through social media, emails or via text. Once they click “send,” that text message, photo or video is out there, available for sharing, forwarding and re-posting by anyone who gets ahold of it. A recent law passed last month in California […]

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Facebook Messaging: Pay to Send


Claims of Change to Facebook Messaging… sort of If you’re anything like me, you probably didn’t even know your Facebook account had two in boxes That’s right; when you go to your messages, there’s a little grey link at the top that says “other.” This is where less-relevant messages end up. Check it out: you […]

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