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Refresh That Old Laptop

If you were the lucky recipient of a lightly used, new-to-you laptop this holiday season, we have some easy, inexpensive ways to improve an older laptop inside and out! The biggest challenge with an older laptop is limited battery life. How do you keep an older system from dying soon after it’s unplugged? Well, most […]

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Take control of your iPhone storage space

Running out of space on your iPhone is a common problem. Everyone knows at least one person who has been infuriated from those little pop ups saying you can’t take a photo due to lack of space. Well have no fear, we are going to share some tips that you can use to clear up […]

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iPhone 7 Rumor Roundup

Apple fans are waiting with baited breath for the big announcement on September 7 2016 – a new iPhone and Apple Watch and maybe even updates to the laptop line. We assume the iPhone will be called the iPhone 7, but given the recent decision to change OS X to Mac OS, anything is possible […]

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Make College Life A Little Easier With These Apps

College life can be overwhelming – meeting people in a new city, adjusting to dorm life, making it to class, passing tests… Luckily technology can help. We have a few really cool apps for you to try out and do let us know how they work for you! You can contact us using our blue […]

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Introducing the Xbox One S

Just three years after the release of the Xbox One, Microsoft has released a new console – the XBox One S. So what’s new I hear you asking! Right out of the box, it’s significantly smaller and comes with an integrated power supply, no more brick! One of the key new features is the 4K […]

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Use Tech To Get Your Kid Off The Couch.

If your kids have spent just a bit too much of this summer zoning out to TV or video games, we are here with some tech games and gadgets that can actually get your kids off the couch. It is so important to keep your kids active both physically and mentally for so many reasons, […]

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Laptop vs. Tablet – Can an iPad Pro or Microsoft Surface Replace your Computer?

UPDATE 2016: We’ve updated this blog post from 2012 as Tablets have changed somewhat! The world of tablets has advanced with the Microsoft Surface and iPad Pro being two powerful tablets, more powerful than some entry level laptops. The rest of this blog does still address some very important decisions you’ll need to make. We’ve […]

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3 Things To Do Today To Protect Your PC

Keeping up with technology can be overwhelming, particularly when it comes to protecting yourself from viruses, hackers and online criminals.   Although you can carry out all of these steps independently, we highly recommend that you have a Nerd assist you with these, the biggest problem with changing your Operating System is the level of […]

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iPhone Hacks!

You may think that you understand the full power of your iPhone. But think again. People don’t actually realize how powerful their iPhones are. Many people never bother with the handy (and secret) hacks that make the iPhone even cooler! In case you aren’t a Nerd like us, here are some secret tricks for your […]

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DIY Home Security

From user-installed alarm systems to motion-sensor video cameras, is a do-it-yourself alarm system right for you? Let’s talk about the pros and cons, as well as some of the newest home security gadgets that could help keep your home safer. DIY means that you will be buying the equipment and installing it yourself. Also for […]

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