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Teens and Social Media: Start Safely

Teens and social media have been connected ever since the days of Myspace. According to the Pew research Center: 57% of teenagers age 13 and 14 use Facebook, 44% use Instagram, and 21% use Twitter. With such high rates of involvement on social media, teens are being exposed to more and more content each day. […]

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Alternative Alarm Clocks

    Do you have a love-hate relationship with your snooze button? Everybody loves 5 or 10 more minutes of sleep, but sometimes the consequences are dire. The Nerds from Nerds on call are here with some great alternative alarm clocks to get you out of bed and break your snooze button habit. The harsh […]

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Travel Tech: Become A Master

Everybody knows that airport security is nothing but a headache. Today’s traveler is usually carrying loads of gadgets: a smartphone, a tablet, an mp3 player, and a laptop. Digging through your carry on bag to extract each piece of tech can be a real pain, and usually you can feel the people waiting behind you […]

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The Truth Behind Online Quizzes

Although it may be tempting to find out which Disney princess you are, online quizzes are often just pages designed to waste your time and keep you engaged so that internet marketers can expose you to advertisements or gather information about you. Certain online quiz websites actually maintain a profile about you, especially if you […]

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A Nerd’s Relationship Advice

holding hands

    Most people reading this will probably think to themselves, “What do Nerds know about relationships?” The answer is: more than we should. Nerds are known to do their research and not dive into anything serious without having an action plan. Unfortunately, things do not always go as planned. Luckily, the Nerds from Nerds […]

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iPhone Encryption Defended by Apple’s CEO

  As a result of the mass shooting in Southern California late last year. the Federal Bureau of Investigation has requested that Apple assist law enforcement to create a backdoor to bypass the iPhone encryption that is built into each device. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, published a letter on Apple.com stating that granting the US […]

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Apps To Spice Up Your Love Life

  With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, there is no better time to get inspired to step your game up in the bedroom. You might think that the Nerds wouldn’t be much help when it comes to this topic, but there are quite a few apps that can really help to spice up your […]

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Anonymous Threat To Sacramento City Hall

Recently, the hacker activist group Anonymous released a public message to the city of Sacramento. The latest threat involves the group hacking into Sacramento City Hall’s online network and shut down city’s web based infrastructure. Does this group really pose a credible threat to our city? Based on previous threat made my Anonymous, it is […]

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Safely Meet Someone Online

bsafe SOS

Connecting with strangers over the internet has become a common practice in this day and age. Whether it be meeting a person from Craigslist to make a transaction, pursuing a potential relationship on a dating platform, or for business purposes through a site like LinkedIn; meeting a person for the first time after having connected […]

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CES – Kids Tech


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