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The Best Holiday Greeting Card Apps

Around the holidays, it is a tradition to send greeting cards to friends and family updating them on what you and your own family have done during the year. The days of licking envelopes and pressing on stamps to a pile of 300 cards are over. The Nerds at Nerds on Call are here to […]

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Hot Tech Gifts for the Holidays

It seems as though every technology lover grabs the latest gadget as soon as it hits the shelves, leaving friends and loved ones without any idea as to what to gift them. The Nerds at Nerds on Call have put together a short list of a few great teach gifts for the person who already […]

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How To Shop Cyber Monday Like A Nerd

With Black Friday quickly approaching some people have already mapped out their shopping battle plan, and packed their tents to camp out in front of stores days in advanced. For those of us who still enjoy a nice Thanksgiving celebration with friends and family, waiting for days on end just to save a couple hundred […]

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Road Trip Gadgets

Everybody loves a good road trip.  The worst part about a road trip is the hours of sitting idly in the car with nothing more to look at than the desert passing by on the other side of the window.  Gone are the days of portable DVD players, now it is tablets and audio books […]

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Organize Your Holiday Gift Giving

No matter what type of shopper you are – the early bird who has everything wrapped up before Thanksgiving, or the mad-dasher that goes to grab everything the night before, it is easy to lose track of everybody on your gift list. There is the challenge of making sure that nobody gets the same present […]

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Which Drinking App is Right For You?

Have you ever been overwhelmed by an extensive wine list at a restaurant, or wished you could serve your guests a more creative cocktail? Luckily, there are now apps that can not only help you make the right wine pairing decision when you are out on the town, but also those that can offer creative […]

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Digital Gift Guide

The digital age favors the last-minute holiday shopper. Be it getting Mom and Dad that new movie streaming account or setting up your children with the latest iPhone app they have been coveting, great gifts can be sent without leaving your house or making recipients wait for delivery. Nerds on Call has put together a […]

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Which Personal Safety App is the Best?

Ladies: have you ever feared for your personal safety when you are walking to your car in a dark parking lot?  Parents: do you fear for the safety of your children if they are heading off to college and may be out and about on their own, or exercising in the evening on their own? […]

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What is Sexting and How to Talk About It

Ah, the good old days… when the only uncomfortable sex talk you had to have with your kid was about the birds and the bees. Not so for today’s parents, where technology has changed all the rules. Here’s why “sexting” should be a part of the conversation, and how to talk to your teen about […]

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How To Tell If A Viral Story Is Fake

If you have been on Facebook in the past month, chances are you have seen the viral story about Facebook charging a fee to keep your profile private. Obviously this was not a true viral story, but it still spread like wildfire throughout the internet. The Nerds on Call are here to spot a hoax […]

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