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Filter Politics from Your Facebook Feed

Believe it or not, Facebook was once a place where you could connect with family and friends living all around the world and receive updates on their day-to-day lives? You could see how their kids were doing in school and read about how much fun they had on their recent vacation. We shared goofy pics […]

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Twitter Suspending Alt-Right Users!

    Twitter has suspended the accounts of several members of the American alt-right movement. They have suspended accounts linked to at least 7 prominent alt-right leaders and/or organizations. What is the alt-right? The term alt-right is pretty general, to be more specific the major groups being categorized this way are: · Groups and individuals […]

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3 Things To Do Today To Protect Your PC

Keeping up with technology can be overwhelming, particularly when it comes to protecting yourself from viruses, hackers and online criminals. Although you can carry out all of these steps independently, we highly recommend that you have a Nerd assist you with these, the biggest problem with changing your Operating System is the level of risk […]

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Dirty Dozen IRS Scams

irs scams

For those of you asking yourself: “What does a Nerds know about taxes?” the fact of the matter is, many IRS scams involve criminals using technology to find and swindle their victims. Although these particular Nerds do not know how to figure out your tax exemptions, we can help you avoid the most common and […]

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Identifying and Preventing Ransomware

Even the most savvy of internet users might have trouble defining what exactly ransomware is. Ransomware is very similar to malware in the sense that it gets onto your computer like a virus. Once there is ransomware on your system, the parasitic code encrypts your files, making them inaccessible to you. In order to regain […]

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Pet Tech: Connect With Them!

dog on laptop

  For most people with a furry, feathery, or slimy companion, pets are considered members of the family. So why don’t they get treated like the kids and have all of the latest gadgets? Well, up until fairly recently, pet tech was just a dream of pet owners around the world. The days of simply […]

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Apps to Help you Keep your Resolution


  January is usually the month of change, as the new year dawns many people set goals for themselves for the coming year and call them ‘resolutions’. Unfortunately, by the end of the month, many of us have already fallen off of the resolution bandwagon. The Nerds are here to share how technology can help […]

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How To Safely Dispose of Old Tech


When old tech is thrown out, it is known as eWaste. eWaste, or electronic waste, can be extremely harmful to the environment due to the materials that are used during the production of our gadgets. Once your old tech is dumped into a landfill or incinerated in a furnace, harmful chemicals such as lead, arsenic, […]

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Online Dating Sites

  Online dating sites such as Match.com and eHarmony find that January and February are the busiest months of the year. According to a study published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in 2013, over a third of the American couples married between 2005 and 2012 met online. The timing makes sense, […]

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Safely Meet Someone Online

bsafe SOS

Connecting with strangers over the internet has become a common practice in this day and age. Whether it be meeting a person from Craigslist to make a transaction, pursuing a potential relationship on a dating platform, or for business purposes through a site like LinkedIn; meeting a person for the first time after having connected […]

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