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Online Streaming: Get Started Today!

With thousands of TV shows and movies available for online streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon just to name a few, it is a wonder that any of us ever leave the house.  Today, our Nerds are here to help you decide what online streaming service is right for you, and help you […]

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Music Streaming: Which Service Is Right For You?

Apple released its own music streaming service in mid-summer of 2015.  Apple Music joined the ranks of entrenched competitors such as Pandora, Spotify, and Google Play Music.  All of these services offer similar features, so how can you decide which music streaming service is right for you?  The Nerds at Nerds on Call have put […]

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Mac Virus Protection: Can Macs Get A Virus?

Many Apple users have taken their Mac virus protection too lightly since there is a rumor that Macs cannot get a virus.  With the continual increase in market share growth, Apple has become a more viable target for hackers.  With this increase in hackers, Mac virus protection becomes even more important. Early this year, programmers […]

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Which Personal Safety App is the Best?

Ladies: have you ever feared for your personal safety when you are walking to your car in a dark parking lot?  Parents: do you fear for the safety of your children if they are heading off to college and may be out and about on their own, or exercising in the evening on their own? […]

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What is Sexting and How to Talk About It

Ah, the good old days… when the only uncomfortable sex talk you had to have with your kid was about the birds and the bees. Not so for today’s parents, where technology has changed all the rules. Here’s why “sexting” should be a part of the conversation, and how to talk to your teen about […]

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Effects of Video Games: Harmful or Helpful?

Most parents want their children to avoid playing video games due to what they have heard about the negative effects of video games.  The fact of the matter is: video games can be helpful to children as well as harmful, and it is up to the parents to balance between the two.  While many people […]

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Not-So-Secret Facebook Hacks

Facebook has become the world’s largest social media network with nearly one and a half billion users around the world. Just because Facebook is popular, dos not mean that everybody agrees with or enjoys every feature. The Nerds on Call are here to to share some Facebook hacks to get your news feed under control. […]

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Is It Time To Ditch Your Landline Phone?

Pretty much everyone these days has a cell phone, including some people who probably shouldn’t.  With the popularity and commonality of cell phones ever increasing, the landline phone is becoming a thing of the past, much like the pager and Walkman over the last few decades.  Before you decide to go and ditch your landline […]

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Best Free Programs For Your PC

Whether you just purchased a new computer and are working with a blank slate, or trying to start over by reinstalling your operating system on your old reliable, Nerds on Call is here to share some of our favorite free programs that you may have missed out on before. Many PC users stick with default […]

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Top 5 Tips to Save Printer Ink

  Everybody who owns a printer and prints color documents at home can confirm the fact that over the period of one year, your printer ink will end up costing you more than the printer itself. Consumer reports discovered that printer ink can set you back anywhere between $13 and $75 per ounce. At that […]

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