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10 Free Ways To Clean Up Your PC

Does it feel like you can make a pot of coffee and clean the kitchen all in the time it takes for your computer system to boot up? Do you find yourself daydreaming of dropping it off the top of your office building while you’re waiting for web pages to load? If it seems like […]

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How to Clean Your Mac For Free

How To Clean Your Mac For Free There are a few basic rules in the tech world that are NEVER questioned. First, never type “Google” into Google, or you’ll break the Internet. Second, you’re only one great idea from launching the greatest tech company in the world and becoming as rich as Bill Gates. Finally, […]

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3 Easy Ways To Keep Kids Safe Online

As the days get longer and warmer, they herald the coming of summer vacation. Who doesn’t remember the joy of lazy days spent roaming the neighborhood with your buddies, swimming in the pool or lake, or inventing games to play in the backyard? Yet these days our kids are more likely to spend the summer […]

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5 Spring Cleaning Tips You’ve Overlooked.

So now that you’ve untangled the rats nest of wires, and you’re down to one remote, you look over at your keyboard and it looks like you’ve got a crumb factory EEK! Well DON’T put your keyboard in the dishwasher (like some suggest) use these neat tips and tricks to make your tech sparkling clean […]

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Be Green! Learn the best ways to recycle your e-waste!

The easiest, little known secrets to recycling. Recycle, repurpose, and  resell. In this video Andrea talks about the best local recycling resources. She shares about some companies who will even pay you for used merchandise. Local resources covered in this video include:

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Internet Hit by Wave of Fake PC ‘defrag’ Tools

Photo by: basykes A spate of scareware apps that trick users into buying useless hard disk repair tools appears to be part of a concerted campaign to push fake ‘defrag’ software, a security company has said. The Internet abounds with Windows utilities, usually free, some not very good. Users have an unquenchable appetite for them. […]

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Essential tools for online communication

photo by:trekkyandy So now that we’ve decided to try out Skype/Google for communication with our far-off loved ones, what hardware do we need in order to make it happen? The basics would include a microphone, and headset, and a web cam. All of these things can be fairly inexpensive. Amazon. com has a variety of […]

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Bring family virtually together for holidays

Last Thanksgiving, I was marooned in Kansas City for the longest three weeks of my life. It was a joyous time, since we were in the process of adopting our second child, but also heartbreaking because I was 1,800 miles away from my husband and 15-month-old son. I can truly say that video chat saved […]

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