Welcome Fellow Nerds and Nerdettes… You have made it to the Nerds On Call Products Page… CONGRATS!

On this page you will find all the nerdy products that even nerds we call nerds use! Nerds on call is here to provide our fellow nerds with all your business/home based computer and tech solutions.. even the products we use to solve them! You can even check out our Nerds on Call “How To”page for tech tips and more!

Our top 5 items:

1. 240GB SSD – $79.00240 GB SSD
2. 500GB SSD – $149.00

500 GB SSD
3. 1TB SSD – $229.00

4. External Backup Drive (2TB) – $129.00

2TB External SDD Backup Drive
5. 500W Power Supply – $99.00

500 watt Power Supply Unit (PSU)