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August Smart Locks

There is a wide range of smart locks on the market, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. The August Smart Lock is probably the pick of the bunch if you’re looking for a security option which works with your existing door lock, sports an array of fun yet seriously useful smart features and can operate alongside a doorbell camera. August smart locks If you’re interested in an August Smart Lock and doorbell camera hooks up, we can help by getting you a great price and performing a full installation and setup. Just call 1-800-919-6373 or drop us a line through our contact form.

Key features of August Smart Locks

Works with existing locks

One of the great things about the August Smart Lock is that it doesn’t completely replace your existing conventional lock. This means you aren’t spending money on a lock setup which you already own and you get to keep your existing keys.

Human-friendly features

The smart features of the August Smart Lock are distinctly human-friendly. If you’re one of those people who frequently forget to lock your door when you leave, the August Smart Lock can be configured to alert you, or simply to automatically lock your door.   It also features a 24/7 activity feed. Wherever you are, you can know when your loved ones get home. You can even have the August Smart Lock automatically unlock when you approach your door.

Works with a doorbell camera

A huge selling point of the August Smart Lock system is that it’s designed to perfectly integrate its function with a companion product, the August Doorbell Camera. This unlocks the powerful added feature of being able to see who is at your door and to let them in remotely if you wish.

What consumers are saying

As of right now, there are 904 Amazon reviews of the August Smart Lock, with a very respectable score of 4.1 out of 5 stars. Positive reviews typically focused on the product’s superior integration with other smart home technology. Auto-locking technology and August’s commitment to constantly improving the smart lock’s feature set were also regularly cited as big pluses. Of the few negative reviews, a few customers mentioned weaker support for Android smartphones and some connectivity issues during setup. August’s customer service was active in resolving these concerns.

How smart home friendly is this product?

The August Smart Lock is one of the more smart home friendly products on the market. It works well with Alexa and can be used in conjunction with third-party automation apps to trigger other events (such as lights turning on) when the door is unlocked. smart lock

Installation and setup

Thorough installation guides are available via August’s support page. If you are deeply familiar with lock installations and have a broad understanding of hooking up smart home technology, the guides may be sufficient. However, given that this is a security product if you have any doubt we recommend an expert perform the installation and assist with the product’s hook-up to other smart technologies We’re highly experienced in the setup and installation of August Smart Locks. If you’d like our help you can call us at 1-800-919-6373 or fill out our contact form.  

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Questions nerds often hear about August Smart Locks

Can I use this product with my existing deadbolt?

Yes! That is one of the key selling points for this product. If you don’t want to completely replace your existing lock, this is the right product for you.

I want to be able to see who is at my door. Will this product do that?

Not on its own, no. BUT, you can use it in conjunction with the August video doorbell and they integrate seamlessly via the control app.

Is this kind of installation expensive?

Not especially. The exact cost is going to depend on your existing door and WiFi setup. Remember, we offer a free price estimate service. Just call us on 1-800-919-6373.