How to Share Photos and Videos with Friends and Family.

Share Photos and Videos Like A Nerd

The opportunity to capture your adorable kidlet trying their first taste of lemon only comes along once. If you’re fast enough to capture that shot on your phone or camera, how do you share that priceless pucker with all your friends and family? There are so many ways to share that grandma and grandpa need never miss another moment from junior’s milestones, regardless of their computer expertise.

You Can Email Pictures.

The most basic way to share pictures or videos stored on your computer is by emailing them. While social networking sites or photo sharing sites can be an easy way to share with everyone all at once, they can be limited if Auntie May doesn’t have a Facebook profile or isn’t savvy enough to follow the album links. However, even beginners usually have an email account. Typically the process is going to entail starting to compose a new message to all your desired recipients. Choose the “attach file” or “insert attachment” option. When the window opens with the list of your files, find the photo you want to send wherever you saved it on your computer (often in the “My Photos” or “Pictures” folder) and click open or attach. Just remember that digital pictures can be large files, so you may only be able to email three or four before you run out of room.

You Can Share Photos On Facebook.

That said, now that Facebook has billions of members, grandma probably does have a profile and she may even have more “friends” than you do. Social media sites like Facebook, Google + and Twitter can make sharing a great photo or video with all your friends and family at once incredibly quick and easy. From your computer, navigate to your profile page and click the “Photos” option on the left menu (under your profile picture). Once you’re in the photo section, look for the buttons that say “upload photo” or “upload video.” A window will open, just like when emailing a photo as an attachment, which will allow you to find the photo or video wherever you have it saved on your computer. Note that pressing and holding the Ctrl button while selecting files will allow you to upload multiple photos at once. If you’re taking more photos with your phone than your camera these days, you’re not alone. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ all allow you to text photos directly from your phone, even if it doesn’t connect to the internet. Smartphone users can use one of many applications to post photos or videos to your “wall” or account right from your phone with a few quick clicks. If you’d rather only share the photo or video with Mom, you’re able to send it directly to someone within Facebook, or custom-fit your privacy settings before you click “send” (to only share with specific people).

Use Youtube To Share Videos.

YouTube is a great, easy resource to share videos. The account creation process very fast, requiring only that you have an active email account and birth date. From the YouTube homepage, click “Upload” in the upper right-hand corner. Choose the file on your computer, as you would attach a file to an email. You can link your YouTube account to Facebook, Twitter or MySpace to maximize your sharing capabilities. Just keep in mind that the default posting option is to make a video public (viewable by anyone), so you may want to consider reviewing the privacy options to limit accessibility of the file to only those people you invite to view it.

Snapfish Is A Great Photo Sharing Website.

There are also some great sites dedicated to compiling and sharing all your photos in one place. We like Snapfish for the easy upload options, the fact that it creates an offsite backup of your photos, and allows you or your friends and family to create customized albums and gifts with favorite photos, all from one site. You can even link your Snapfish account to Facebook, so you’ll never again hear, “when are you going to send me more pictures of my grandchild?”

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Hi, I’m Ryan from Nerds On Call, and today we’re going to talk about sharing photos and videos online.

Now, one of the ways that most people don’t think about anymore is sending photos and videos through email. Of course, you can create an attachment and send those photos off to grandma with no problem. Keep in mind though, you’re usually going to be limited in size from what they can receive and what you can send. So try not to attach more than one or two photos per email.

Another thing you can do is use Facebook to share your photos. There you can set special permissions per photo or per album so only certain people can see what you want them to see.

f you have a lot of video files consider uploading those all to YouTube. There you can set a password on your account so that way no one else can see your video without the password or you can share them with the world and become the next YouTube star.

Next, one of my favorite places to go is There you can upload a bunch of photos and then create cool things from photo albums to mugs to t-shirts.

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