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  • Can Minors Remove Content Online?
    Can Minors Remove Content Online?
    It’s nearly impossible to impress on children the permanence of things they share online through social media, emails or via text. Once they click “send,” that text message, photo or video is out there, available for sharing, forwarding and re-posting by anyone who gets ahold of it. A recent law passed last month in California is aimed at giving kids a chance to delete their digital mistakes, but there are some pretty big loop holes. In September 2013, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Senate Bill 568 which, among other things, requires that operators of any website or online service remove content posted by a minor (18 and younger) if the minor requests it be removed. Postings that fall under the requirements must be removed from public access but can be maintained on the website’s server. The law will apply to websites housed outside of the state, provided that the minor is a California resident. The law will take effect as of January 1, 2015. While this sounds promising, SB-568 offers little protection in reality. The web site operator must only remove content posted by the minor themselves, a pivotal distinction. If your child wants to remove something that was posted by someone else, for example a photo their friend (or enemy) snaps of them doing something questionable and then posts online, they’re out of luck. Since many websites already include provisions that allow anyone to delete accounts or content that they themselves have posted... Read More
  • Facebook Messaging: Pay to Send
    Facebook Messaging: Pay to Send

    Claims of Change to Facebook Messaging… sort of If you’re anything like me, you probably didn’t even know your Facebook account had two in boxes That’s right; when you go to your messages, there’s a little grey link at the top that says “other.” This is where less-relevant messages end up. Check it out: you may be surprised at what you find. But most of the time the “other” category just catches messages that you never really wanted to read anyway. If a page that you’ve “liked” or someone you don’t know sends you a message, it’s likely to end […]

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  • Why You Need a Router
    Why You Need a Router

    Firewall Router is Necessary While most of us have less than fond memories of dial-up Internet – gritting teeth through the high-pitched squeal while your computer connected, heading to the kitchen for a snack while you waited for a website to load – these days just about everyone uses a high speed Internet connection like DSL or cable. While you may think that the moment your ISP (Internet Service Provider) installer leaves you’re good to go, there’s one more piece of equipment that everyone with a high speed Internet connection needs: a router. Yes, even if you don’t plan to […]

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  • Video Editing for Beginners
    Video Editing for Beginners

    Video Editing: How to Ours is a video generation. We grew up with parents shooting camcorder footage of every birthday and graduation, and most of us have hours of movie footage without any cohesive organization or engaging content. Any novice with a video camera can benefit from editing. If you’ve ever forced your friends and family to suffer through six minutes of boring for two seconds of awesome, I’m talking to you. Before you post that cell phone video to YouTube, a little polish with a free editing program can make your friends actually want to click on your Facebook […]

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  • Top Pinterest Pages For The Bride and Groom
    Top Pinterest Pages For The Bride and Groom

    They’re just three letters, but they’ll change your life forever: “Yes” to the proposal and soon, “I do.” But as any bride or groom can attest, the time between those two utterances can be overwhelming, stressful, and even crazy. Whether you’re planning an unforgettable affair for 400 or so of your nearest and dearest, or searching to instill your own unique style into your special day, Pinterest has boards to make your vows full of wows. The Perfect Palette What started out as a wedding blog aimed at “exploring the color palette possibilities for your wedding,” has grown into […]

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  • Top Pinterest Pages for Cooks and Foodies
    Top Pinterest Pages for Cooks and Foodies

    The world of cooking and food is a perfect match to the visual scrapbook nature of Pinterest. From gorgeous images of food art to helpful tutorials for the novice chef, finding inspiration isn’t hard; narrowing it down to a few great boards to follow so you don’t get overwhelmed… well that’s a bigger challenge. Here are my favorites: Two Peas and Their Pod Brought to you by Salt Lake City food blogger and recipe developer Maria Lichty, she promises her over 13,000 followers “simple, fresh and family-friendly” fare. There are 107 boards filled with sweet treats, dishes for every […]

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  • Move over Black Friday, Cyber Monday Tops Charts
    Move over Black Friday, Cyber Monday Tops Charts

    Many have heard the term “Cyber Monday” floating around. But what exactly is it? Is it just a marketing term designed to sell more products or it is actually an event worth taking note of? It’s mostly both – and definitely worth paying attention to if you’re looking to buy lots of gifts this Christmas season. The National Retail Federation is an international group of retail companies, the largest in the world. One of their major divisions, and one that is growing quickly, is, a consortium of online retailers. In 2005, coined the term “Cyber Monday,” claiming that […]

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  • Trendy Tech Gifts for 2012

    In the sea of tech toys and gadgets that hit the shelves every holiday season, a few stand out as the year’s sure-to-sell-out favorites. With the first new console gaming system in six years and a mini-tablet war, this year is no exception. Here are the hottest trending tech goodies of the 2012 holiday season. Video Game Consoles Nintendo’s Wii U (, $299.99 for an 8GB “basic”, $349.99 for a 32GB “deluxe”) is the first new console gaming system released since the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 first debuted in 2006. In addition to the standard game controls, the GamePad […]

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  • Use Tech to Conquer Black Friday

    For the truly dedicated Black Friday deal hunters, Thanksgiving marks the start of a shopper’s frenzy. With sales starting earlier and earlier, those elusive “doorbuster deals” can be as hard to get your hands on as a housecat that senses its ½ price vaccination day at the vet. Whether you’re a seasoned Black Friday pro, or considering joining the fray this year, your computer or Smartphone can help you plan your attack and find the best deals before you set foot in the store. Preview the Ads There are several sites that post the ads well in advance of when […]

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  • Top 5 Ways to Save on Your Holiday Shopping

    November seems to sneak up on me every year. I’m minding my own business, working out costume details and sugar coating trick-or-treaters when, BAM! Out of the blue it’s time to get cracking on holiday shopping. To help myself get in the game and to help you save some money, here are my top five ways you can use your tech savvy to save money on your holiday shopping. 1. Check out the resale market: I know, you’re thinking, “wrapping up used gifts?” but a lot of things available though sites like Craigslist and Ebay, or even at your local […]

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